The Echo of Silence

un romanzo di Annamaria Farricelli

The Echo of Silence

A violence. 

A torn adolescence, 

with deceptions and flattery.

A shotgun marriage. 

The solitude. 

What life holds for the main character of this history? 

She will manage to redeem herself with the sheer force of her heart?

A glimpse of thought-provoking real life that gives hope.

It’s always sunny behind the clouds.

The Echo of Silence, un romanzo di Annamaria Farricelli

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L'eco del silenzio, un romanzo di Annamaria Farricelli

GENERE: Romanzo




PAGINE:  110

PREZZO: €15,00

ISBN:  978-88-31243-85-8

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Note sull'autore

L'eco del silenzio, un romanzo di Annamaria Farricelli

Annamaria Farricelli’s history is that of a little woman who grew up too fast and that, between disappointments, wounds, renunciations, learnt how to fix the little pieces of her existence. Her introspective journey allowed her to touch the most inner and abstract levels of her soul. Her poetic path it’s the combination of memories, feelings, joys, cries, pain but even of the desire of revival and hope.

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